#9700 Eclipse Automatic Hydrant Flushing Device (Patented)


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The Eclipse model #9700 Portable Automatic flushing device is the best in performance and value!  Designed and engineered specifically for automatic flushing, the #9700 provides excellent flow rates of up to 150 gallons per minute to improve and maintain chlorine residual levels and flush by-products to keep water “fresh” and “safe”.   The #9700 can be easily threaded to any fire hydrant, and can be alternated between hydrants throughout the system.   1” option also available – up to 60 gallons per minute.

The Eclipse model #9700 comes standard with an aluminum lockable enclosure and a 2 ½” NST swivel connection.  Each unit contains a solenoid valve and self contained digital controller.  The #9700 allows for 4 flushing cycles per program (3
programs available) at up to 6 hours of flush time per cycle, therefore allowing the capability to set various duration settings.
  Operates on one 9 Volt battery (storage holds two batteries at a time)!  Each unit comes with a perforated floor to diffuse flushing water.  The perforated floor can be removed to redirect flushing water through a hose. 

Kupferle's full line of automatic flushing devices help the enviroment by reducing water use up to 50% when flushing to raise chlorine residual levels and/or remove disinfection byproducts.

envirogreenSee how much water a Kupferle Automatic can save your system! 

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-Kupferle Automatics have been approved by the EPA for Green Funding, get more information by clicking here!

#9700 Eclipse Automatic Hydrant Flushing Device (Patented)
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• Red or Yellow
• Special threads
• 1” Option (Patented)

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•Security collar lock Part #9708 (specify color)

•Multi-directional diffuser Part #9714

•Water meter stand

•De-chlorination basket Part #X9709
•Sampling bib Part #91-C1

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"The benefits far out-weigh the costs.  We couldn't have hired enough people to do the same job these units have done."  Assistant General Manager, Tennessee

"Outstanding product that I would highly recommend for any flushing program." 
Operations Supervisor, Alabama

"Within days of installation...Chlorine residuals increased to the proper range.  Great products and very well made, they have an excellent technical department to help with installation and setup questions."
Superintendent of Water and Distribution, Ohio